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Katy Perry helps educators with her "Make Roar Happen" initiative

Usually, NoDropouts doesn’t celebrate celebrities who have dropped out of high school and then made it big. Those are a one in a billion chance of happening, and students shouldn’t be encouraged to drop out of school with the hopes of striking it rich one day.

However, Katy Perry, who dropped out as a freshman, is working to give back to educators through her “Make Roar Happen” initiative. She has teamed up with Staples to fund $1 million in educational projects across the country based on posts to DonorsChoose.org, according to Inquisitr.

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Chicago looks to ninth grade to help students make it to graduation

Predicting whether a student will drop out can be difficult, and many of the factors affecting that decision are not easily addressed by educators — poverty, health, crime and homelessness.

However, Chicago educators are looking at one factor to help students stay on the path to graduation: ninth-grade performance.

“That one indicator was more predictive of who would graduate than anything else,” Elaine Allensworth, Director of the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research, told the Education Writers Association.

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Alma Powell reminds us not to forget the students who aren't graduating

As students are getting ready to go back to school, it’s important not to forget the thousands of teens who won’t be joining their peers.

In a heartfelt and informative op-ed on CNN, Alma J. Powell, chairwoman of the board of directors for America’s Promise Alliance, emphasized the importance of not forgetting students who have left school.

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The amazing changes possible with an attitude shift

What if we looked at at-risk students as leaders?

It's a simple yet radical approach that has worked in schools Jason Towne, author of "Conversations with America's Best Teachers," has visited.

In one visit to a Florida high school, Towne talked to school leaders who had students who wouldn't attend counseling, or who would shut down when they did, according to a commentary in Education Week. Towne suggested finding 100 at-risk students and invite them to a leadership seminar, where they would meet in small groups and share their stories.

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Mississippi school district asks community members to serve as mentors for long-term program

A school district in Mississippi is turning to the community to help students stay on track to graduation.

The “Goal ’17” program in the Natchez-Adams School District partners adults with ninth graders and asks the two to keep up a mentoring relationship all the way through graduation day.

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Program has teens reach out to dropouts in New Mexico

A New Mexico program is using peer networking to reach out to dropouts.

The Engage Santa Fe program, hosted by Santa Fe Public Schools, asks teens such as Santa Fe High School recent graduate Udell Calzadillas, 18, and Valeria Alvarado, a 19-year-old University of Mexico student, to talk with dropouts ages 16-21 about coming back to school, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

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Kentucky needs to rethink how it's awarding its dropout-prevention grants

The Kentucky Department of Education is offering school districts $10,000 grants to work on dropout prevention.

The grants are a great idea, and they come with the stipulation that 75 percent of the money must be spent on programs in elementary and middle school, and the rest can be used on high school programs. The emphasis on early intervention is a smart move, according to an article on WLWT Channel 5.

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SIATech and other school leaders sponsor Dropout Recovery Week legislation in California

A group of school leaders is sponsoring a Dropout Recovery Week Resolution in the California Legislature to help bring awareness to the issues surrounding the dropout epidemic.

The legislation, sponsored by the School for Integrated Academics and Technologies (SIATech) and several other school groups and districts, comes after the 2014 Building a Grad Nation report emphasized that the nation will not reach its graduation goals without increasing graduation rates for Latino and African-American students in California.

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It's important not to overlook the alarming dropout rate of young black women

The number 47 gets thrown a lot when talking about the dropout rate of young black men from school.

But one researcher is wondering why the number 40 doesn't come up more often.

That's the percentage of young black women who drop out of school, says Jawanza Kunjufu, who has written "Educating Black Girls" and more than 30 other books, including "Raising Black Boys" and "Black Male Learning Styles."

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Graduation Alliance CEO: Acquiring ConnectEDU will help us reach even more students

Students who have not yet reached their goal of getting to graduation and reaching onward to college and career training have just gotten a big hand up.

On Thursday, Graduation Alliance acquired ConnectEDU, a Boston-based company that specializes in providing technology solutions that help students who are not on a college or career preparatory track. ConnectEDU has a rich history of providing online college and career planning technologies to help students discover opportunities aligned to their personal and professional goals, and of supporting individualized pathways for keeping each student on track toward the achievement of those goals.

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