tiered intervention

Kentucky needs to rethink how it's awarding its dropout-prevention grants

The Kentucky Department of Education is offering school districts $10,000 grants to work on dropout prevention.

The grants are a great idea, and they come with the stipulation that 75 percent of the money must be spent on programs in elementary and middle school, and the rest can be used on high school programs. The emphasis on early intervention is a smart move, according to an article on WLWT Channel 5.

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SIATech and other school leaders sponsor Dropout Recovery Week legislation in California

A group of school leaders is sponsoring a Dropout Recovery Week Resolution in the California Legislature to help bring awareness to the issues surrounding the dropout epidemic.

The legislation, sponsored by the School for Integrated Academics and Technologies (SIATech) and several other school groups and districts, comes after the 2014 Building a Grad Nation report emphasized that the nation will not reach its graduation goals without increasing graduation rates for Latino and African-American students in California.

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It's important not to overlook the alarming dropout rate of young black women

The number 47 gets thrown a lot when talking about the dropout rate of young black men from school.

But one researcher is wondering why the number 40 doesn't come up more often.

That's the percentage of young black women who drop out of school, says Jawanza Kunjufu, who has written "Educating Black Girls" and more than 30 other books, including "Raising Black Boys" and "Black Male Learning Styles."

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Graduation Alliance CEO: Acquiring ConnectEDU will help us reach even more students

Students who have not yet reached their goal of getting to graduation and reaching onward to college and career training have just gotten a big hand up.

On Thursday, Graduation Alliance acquired ConnectEDU, a Boston-based company that specializes in providing technology solutions that help students who are not on a college or career preparatory track. ConnectEDU has a rich history of providing online college and career planning technologies to help students discover opportunities aligned to their personal and professional goals, and of supporting individualized pathways for keeping each student on track toward the achievement of those goals.

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Report highlights ways to help young black men succeed academically

A new report highlights how schools can best use their out-of-school time to serve black male students.

The report, called “Building Bridges: Connecting Out-of-School Time to Classroom Success Among School-Age Black Males in the District Of Columbia” was commissioned by the D.C. Children and Youth Investment Trust Corp.

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Indiana looking to expand program that helps students stay in school

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development is working to expand a program to help prevent dropouts.

The Jobs for America’s Graduate (JAG) program, is in place in 46 of the Hoosier State’s 92 counties. That means there are 106 programs that are divvied out among 11 regions, according to the Greensburg Daily News. It may soon be in Decatur County.

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Research: Report shows high disengagement among Latino students in Maryland county

A report looking at Latino dropout rates in Maryland's Montgomery County found some pretty disturbing trends.

A toxic combination of low expectations from teachers, lack of parental involvement and lack of computer access are leading to high rates of disengagement among the burgeoning Latino population there.

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California program Gateway to College helps students graduate

A young Californian woman has gone from being a dropout to earning a 4.0, thanks to a program called Gateway to College.

Jessica Zambrano, 17, was forced into a parenting role for her younger siblings while she was still in elementary school due to the hospitalization of her mother.

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Diplomas Now project making an impact in schools with high dropout rates

Esteemed researcher Robert Balfanz has written quite the piece in The New York Times.

Balfanz, a research professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Education and the director of the Everyone Graduates Center, looks at the schools that produce abysmal graduation rates for African-American students. Only 660 of the 12,600 high schools around the country do so. Those schools often are located in dying cities, highly urban areas and even a few rural ones.

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Research: An expansion in Medicaid eligibility leads to a lower dropout rate, more college attendance and degrees

Does better health care mean fewer dropouts?

A working paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research looked at how expanding access to Medicaid led to a lower dropout rate, higher college attendance and an increase in bachelor’s degrees, according to The Washington Post.

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