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Kentucky needs to rethink how it's awarding its dropout-prevention grants

The Kentucky Department of Education is offering school districts $10,000 grants to work on dropout prevention.

The grants are a great idea, and they come with the stipulation that 75 percent of the money must be spent on programs in elementary and middle school, and the rest can be used on high school programs. The emphasis on early intervention is a smart move, according to an article on WLWT Channel 5.

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It's important not to overlook the alarming dropout rate of young black women

The number 47 gets thrown a lot when talking about the dropout rate of young black men from school.

But one researcher is wondering why the number 40 doesn't come up more often.

That's the percentage of young black women who drop out of school, says Jawanza Kunjufu, who has written "Educating Black Girls" and more than 30 other books, including "Raising Black Boys" and "Black Male Learning Styles."

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Report highlights ways to help young black men succeed academically

A new report highlights how schools can best use their out-of-school time to serve black male students.

The report, called “Building Bridges: Connecting Out-of-School Time to Classroom Success Among School-Age Black Males in the District Of Columbia” was commissioned by the D.C. Children and Youth Investment Trust Corp.

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California program Gateway to College helps students graduate

A young Californian woman has gone from being a dropout to earning a 4.0, thanks to a program called Gateway to College.

Jessica Zambrano, 17, was forced into a parenting role for her younger siblings while she was still in elementary school due to the hospitalization of her mother.

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How we talk about the dropout rate of young black males can have unintended consequences

What happens when you constantly hear negative things about yourself and your peers?

It's a question that Dr. Ivory A. Toldson tackles in a provocative piece on The Root that looks at the dropout and graduation rates of young black men. It's called "Think You Know the Dropout Rates for Black Males? You’re Probably Wrong," and it details the difference between a graduation rate and a dropout rate.

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More students are graduating, but are their diplomas truly preparing them?

Recently, educational advocates across the country celebrated reaching a new benchmark in graduation: 80 percent of students graduated.

While it’s great to hit a new milestone, other reports show a disturbing trend —Yes, more students are graduating, but they are earning a diploma that isn’t preparing them for college or careers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, students haven’t seen a budge in performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress from 2009 to 2013. About 38 percent of students scored proficient or better in reading scores while 26 percent of students did so in math. A majority of students received scores that ranked them at basic or below basic for both reading and math in both years.

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What if we focused on "becoming" rather than "learning?"

What if schools did something radical? What if they focused on something more than learning, and instead focused on becoming?

It's a provocative question asked and answered by Marc Prensky, executive director of the Global Future Education Foundation and Institute, in a column in Edweek.

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Minimum wage debate important, but there's a better way to get a rise in the tide

There’s an important debate going on in our nation about whether we should raise the minimum wage.

This debate has been stimulated, in part, by a growing national awareness that the current minimum, $7.25 per hour, is insufficient to support the basic needs of most working Americans, and particularly those supporting families. Many people are also coming to recognize that the value of the minimum wage has fallen considerably against inflation in the past four decades.

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Free webinar Thursday addresses body-image bullying

Are you a teacher or administrator who has students being bullied because of body image?

A free webinar hosted by Graduation Alliance, which sponsors this blog, is hosting a free webinar on Thursday, April 24 at 1 p.m. Pacific/ 4 p.m. Eastern with Utah State University's Dr. Maya Miyairi.

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Usher joins as producer for the documentary "Undroppable"

The documentary about the dropout epidemic just got some big star power behind it.

Multi-Grammy-winning musician Usher will serve as an executive producer for Jason Pollock's film "Undroppable," the St. Louis American reported.

Justin Beiber’s manager Scooter Braun brought Usher to the film as he will be one of the film's five producers.

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