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Mississippi school district asks community members to serve as mentors for long-term program

A school district in Mississippi is turning to the community to help students stay on track to graduation.

The “Goal ’17” program in the Natchez-Adams School District partners adults with ninth graders and asks the two to keep up a mentoring relationship all the way through graduation day.

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Truancy officers can help curb dropout rates

It seems basic enough: Check off the names of students who show up and recognize patterns of those who aren’t there.

That simple act can lead to higher graduation rates.

Knowing where students are, and, more importantly, where they are when they’re not in school.

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Volunteers help students in California, where the graduation rate is crucial to nationwide goal of 90 percent

While recent graduation rate news showed that the United States hit its highest percentage ever —  80 — and is on track to hit 90 percent by 2025, there was some sobering news for California.

The United States “cannot reach its 90 percent goal without California, the nation’s most populous state,” declared America’s Promise Alliance, which on Monday released its fifth annual update regarding the school dropout crisis. “California will need to graduate a total of 440,000 more students – 300,000 of them from low-income families – by 2020 if the state is to obtain a 90 percent graduation rate,” the group said, according to an op-ed in The Sacramento Bee.

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Diplomas Now project helps students in Florida stay on track to graduate

Schools in Florida are mining data to determine which students are at-risk of dropping out thanks to a partnership with Diplomas Now.

“It’s easy to collect information and look at information,” Scott Crumpler, the South Florida field manager for Diplomas Now, told StateImpact. “But what you do with that information is the key element and key component of our program.”

The program takes the incredible amount of data the school district has collected — attendance, grades, test scores, behavior and demographics — and hooks up students with support services.

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Leaders of districts with high graduation rates share their success stories

Leaders from school districts across the nation who are seeing high graduation rates shared their tactics with U.S. News this week.

These leaders head up districts with about a 90 percent graduation rate.

The three biggest lessons gleaned? Prevention, alternative paths to graduation and support from the community all help students reach the finish line.

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Florida superintendent looks to help, rather than punish, misbehaving students

A Florida superintendent has turned discipline policies on their head — and it's paying off in dividends.

Robert Runcie took over Broward County Public Schools about two years ago, and the changes he's made have been radical.

“Looking at the glaring expulsion, arrest and dropout rates for our black and Latino students, I knew that we had to do something dramatically different,” Runcie told NBC News.

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More understanding of students' attitudes toward school will lead to a better predictor of drop out

Those of us in the fight against the dropout epidemic know that a student’s decision to drop out is not made overnight.

In some cases, a student’s kindergarten experience pulls them off the track of graduation, while others begin to lose interest in late elementary or middle school. In many cases, plain old demographics play a majorly disruptive role in a student’s education.

But many students who exhibit risk factors persevere and others who have low risk factors drop out. So how do you tell who is going to and who isn’t early enough to intervene?

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Denver program helps at-risk students stay on track

Here's a heartwarming tale for the holiday season.

A program called Denver Kids Inc. in Colorado is helping about 1,000 at-risk students stay on the path to graduation.

The group hooks kids up with counselors who stay with the student from seventh grade on, inquiring about school, helping to solve family problems and pushing through other obstacles that might have derailed them from graduation.

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Lincoln Public Schools hit record high graduation rates, low dropout rates

Lincoln Public Schools has something to celebrate.

The high schools there are enjoying their highest graduation rates and lowest dropout rates on record, reports KLKN.

"Increasing the high school graduation rate is the most important instructional strategic goal for our school district – and that makes perfect sense," said LPS Superintendent Steve Joel. "As we continue raising our standard of excellence at LPS, increasing numbers of LPS students leave our high schools with a meaningful diploma that serves as the gateway to better employment and a successful college career."

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Graduation Alliance team leader emphasizes the need for multiple solutions to the dropout epidemic

Everyone in the dropout fight knows there isn't just one silver-bullet solution to end the epidemic that is sweeping many of our students out of school.

Rob Belous, Graduation Alliance team leader in Michigan, was a student who was on his way out the door when a high school teacher anchored him — keeping him on his path to a diploma.

He's been paying it forward ever since. He had a successful military career, and then started helping at-risk students in some of Detroit's toughest schools as a teacher and then an administrator.

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