What can we learn from students who stay in school? Maybe something that will prevent future dropouts

When working toward preventing the dropout epidemic, we often look at dropouts and what prompts them to leave school.

But we often forget to look at what motivates students to stay in school.

The PBS News Hour has created an interesting project that will help share those students’ stories.

They’ve looked at the reasons why students say they drop out, but now they want to know what inspires students to stick with classes and walk across the stage. Some of the stories shared include students who want to set a good example for a younger sibling or who want to be able to provide for their future families.

News Hour staff are asking students to “pin” photos of the reasons why they want to stay in school on their Pinterest board, or share stories through email or Twitter. They also have a lesson plan for teachers. For more information about the project, click here.

Many dropouts leave school because they are faced with life situations that make school seem like an impossibility: they become pregnant, fear bullies or gangs or have to earn full-time wages to support their families. But we can learn from students who face such situations and still choose to show up in class every day. Looking at those students’ stories, we can find motivations that we can share with students who have dropped out.

Why did you choose to stay in school? What factors do you think motivate students to persevere? Do you think their stories can help students who are on the brink of dropping out?