Raising the dropout age simply won’t solve the problem

Legislatures around the country are discussing raising the dropout age in their states as a way to stem the dropout tide.

In Kentucky, a poll by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky of 1,000 parents showed that 85 percent favored raising the dropout age from 16 with parental permission to 18, a move Gov. Steve Beshear supports, according to a report on WFPL public radio.

However, age has nothing to do with why students drop out.

They leave school behind because they are raising families, having to earn full-time wages, fleeing bullies and gangs or feeling so far behind they’ll never catch up. Kids don’t simply wake up at age 16 and decide it’s time to stop attending class.

What students need is flexibility and accessibility to their education. They need schedules that accommodate work or online courses that allow them to work at their own pace. They need mentors to help them feel connected to school. They need a caring adult in their life that can help with transportation, housing and food.

Keeping kids in class who don’t want to be there simply won’t solve the problem. The worry about a ticket or fine for not being in class won’t solve the issues they face.

It would be great if no kid dropped out of school. But making that happen won’t come from an older dropout age. It will come from innovative programs and a better understanding of what kids need to complete their education.

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Students fail in schools

Students fail in schools because schools are failing to meet them where they are. To suggest that we should fail students just because they do not fit into our box of what we believe they should do is a tragedy. Differentiating and challenging all students is our job. We shouldn't ever give up on finding ways to engage students, to help them fight life's adversities and intervening when the begin to fail. Not only is it our job, it is a moral imperative.

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The talk of the town is all

The talk of the town is all about the raise of the dropout age in their states in order to find a way to stem
more information

the dropout tide. i think the students who are dropping out has nothing to do with the age and its accosted matters.

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