Digital Learning Council: All learners are digital learners

By unleashing the power of digital learning, America has the ability to maximize every child's learning potential, provide every student with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and careers, and give every American access to the highest quality courses, teachers and resources.

That's the message of a new report from the Digital Learning Council, which was launched earlier this year by former governors Jeb Bush and Bob Wise.

“Technology has the power to customize education for every student in America,” Bush said. “Providing a customized, personalized education for students was a dream just a decade ago. Technology can turn that dream into reality today."

The report, released on Wednesday, spells out 10 principles for the digital revolution, starting with the premise that "all students are digital learners."

"All students have a right to a high quality education," the report says. "In the 21st Century a high quality education must include digital learning."

The report suggests that any student who is eligible for public school should be eligible to participate in publicly funded, high-quality digital learning. 

You can read the report here.

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