North Carolina program helps at-risk students earn a diploma

A new program at North Ridgeville High School in North Carolina is giving students the chance to graduate.

Ranger Academy offers help to students who simply don’t thrive in a traditional classroom setting, according to an article in The Morning Journal. Students can work outside the classroom at their own pace. Classes are held from 8:30 to 10:20 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday and are required to complete an additional 20 hours outside the classroom. It also has a 2:45 to 4:45 p.m. program for credit recovery.

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Addressing needs inside and outside of the classroom will keep more students graduating

StateImpact, a reporting project of NPR, has been addressing the dropout problem in Ohio over the past several months.

They’ve uncovered many of the academic reasons that students drop out: low literacy levels, truancies and learning disabilities to name a few.

But they also realize that obstacles outside the classroom keep kids from staying on the path to graduation.

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New York state principal begins to see the complexity of the dropout epidemic

A principal in New York state is finding out that the decision to drop out is a long-term and complicated one.

Beacon High School Principal Joannes Sieverding began digging into the issue, and quickly realized that looking only at statistics and trends among students in his school just wasn't enough.

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Diplomas Now project helps students in Florida stay on track to graduate

Schools in Florida are mining data to determine which students are at-risk of dropping out thanks to a partnership with Diplomas Now.

“It’s easy to collect information and look at information,” Scott Crumpler, the South Florida field manager for Diplomas Now, told StateImpact. “But what you do with that information is the key element and key component of our program.”

The program takes the incredible amount of data the school district has collected — attendance, grades, test scores, behavior and demographics — and hooks up students with support services.

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Webinar will teach participants how to reach students, schools with video contest and legislative outreach

The Reaching At-Promise Students Association is hosting a "collabinar" Thursday, March 20 that will show community members how to reach students and schools with a dropout recovery video contest and legislative outreach.

The collabinar, co-hosted by SIATech and RAPSA, will teach participants how to do the following:

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Massachusetts school district celebrates highest graduation it has had

A district in Massachusetts is celebrating its highest graduation rates it's ever had.

Haverhill High school has seen a tremendous jump in rates from 2006, when the school first officially started tracking the rates. That year, only 68.8 percent of freshman graduated in four years. In 2013, that number had increased to 75.3 percent, which reflects a fairly steady growth over that timeframe.

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Proposed Washington state legislation could keep thousands of students from earning a diploma

A proposed, well-intentioned piece of legislation in Washington has the potential to derail dropout recovery programs across the state.

The legislation would require weekly face-to-face meetings between students and instructors. While that seems intuitive, the flexibility Washington’s Open Doors, 1418 Youth Reengagement program offers is critical to students' success.

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California legislation would increase tracking of truant students

A bill in California's Legislature is aimed at reducing the dropout rate by bringing down truancy numbers.

About 1 million students were truant in the 2012-2013 school year, and that ended up costing school districts $1.4 billion in funding based on attendance.

A report by Attorney General Kamala Harris called "In School and On Track" stated that 30 percent of California's elementary students skip enough school to hurt their academic performance.

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Study shows that addressing issues outside the classroom can help students succeed academically

A new study shows that it truly does take a village to raise an academically successful child.

Kristin Anderson Moore of Child Trends found in her study, “Making The Grade: Assessing the Evidence for Integrated Student Supports,” that Integrated Student Supports, sometimes called Integrated Student Services, are helping students overcome the obstacles in their daily lives, which in turn helps them achieve academically.

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Opportunity Finance Network pledges $1 billion to Obama's 'My Brother's Keeper' initiative

A group of financial institutions is coming together to provide $1 billion to President Barack Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" program to help young black and Hispanic men stay in school and out of the criminal justice system.

The Opportunity Finance Network will ask for pledges from each of its more than 225 community development financial institutions, and leaders believe that will be $1 billion, according to a Washington Post article.

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